I have been working on nightwatchjs from past 6 months, before that I was using Selenium-WebDriver to do browser automation.

I have syntactical knowledge of JS and I assume that Jasmine won't bother me much, if it is browser automation. But I never tested web services manually or automation.

I have to start automating web service for one of our clients, using Jasmine. Is their a getting started which can help me understanding and then automating web services? Please suggest.

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Will those links below help?

Jasmine Behavior-Driven JavsScript

Jasmine Introduction

Jasmine JaveScript testing Cheat Sheet

How do I Jasmine

Automate node test with Jasmine

Getting started with JavaScript testing using Jasmine

I am not sure how much you know about web services testing, here is a quick starter in general: webservice testing beginner guide

  • Thanks for putting them together, but since I have very less time. I am looking something soecific, how to test REST, SOAP using Jasmine. I have found this link it-ebooks.info/search/?q=jasmine&type=title but don't know out these which one is Web services (API testing) related.
    – paul
    Commented Oct 24, 2016 at 4:10

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