In c# i always use

 `IList<IWebElement> SearchResult1 = Setup.driver.FindElements(By.CssSelector("div.comma.line"));` 

and i access the SearchResult1 by SearchResult1[0] or SearchResult1 []. It allow me to click on the SearchResult1[0] too.

But how am i going to do this in Java. I have this list and cant access the list by its index number.

List<WebElement> matches = TopLayer.findElements(By.tagName("li"));

Im getting an error.

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For list iterator use below loop

for ( WebElement we: matches ) { 
   //Do something 

or you can: matches.get(0); or matches.get(1); and so on


Array can be access by its index like matches[0], matches[1] while List is a ordered collection in Java. To access or add elements in list by using matches.get(index) or matches.add(value) methods.

Refer how to use list in Java

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