I'm trying to copy a certain string of a website's source code using selenium.

This is the page's source code:

<body data-gr-c-s-loaded="true">{"url":"https:\/\/shop.website.com\/cart\/12260378345553:1?step=payment_method&amp;key=874a4c1e464f7d8fb61465c6fdb63a69aeb536fa490a66f66d37395f4cfce98e"}</body>

I would like selenium to grab the link seen after the "url": part. Any help would be appreciated!

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You want to find the string between {"url": and }. Use str.Find to find the position of the substring you need.

str = '<body data-gr-c-s-loaded="true">{"url":"https:\/\/shop.website.com\/cart\/12260378345553:1?step=payment_method&amp;key=874a4c1e464f7d8fb61465c6fdb63a69aeb536fa490a66f66d37395f4cfce98e"}</body>'
substr = str[str.find("{\"url\":")+7 : str.find("}")]



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