How to get the same result if condition:

//div[@class='lng-info']/h5[text() = 'PMP']

or condition


is true ?

How do I write a single xpath expression that combines the two above xpath and return the same elements while running the code?


Use | union operator. Your xpath will be:

//div[@class='lng-info']/h5[text() = 'PMP']|//div[@class='lng-info']/div[@class='price']

For example:

        <div id="abc"/>
        <div id="def"/>

xpath //div/div[@id='abc']|//test/div[@id='def'] will return

Element='<div id="abc"/>'
Element='<div id="def"/>'

Use following or preceding Advanced Xpath to combine the two xpath. Try this below code.

//div[@class='lng-info']/h5[text() = 'PMP']/following:://div[@class='lng-info']/div[@class='price']

//div[@class='lng-info']/h5[text() = 'PMP']/preceding:://div[@class='lng-info']/div[@class='price']
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    //div[@class='lng-info']/following::*[1][text() = 'PMP' or @class='price']
    – STE
    Jun 29 '18 at 8:02

We avoid using Xpath in our automation scripts as it is on least priority. In our automation testing company priority we follow is id > class> name> CSS> xpath.

//div[@class='lng-info']/h5[text() = 'PMP' OR @class='price']

Thanks in advance. Please do reply if it fails to work.

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