I am looking for some bugged apps in order to perform functional test training and/or test some techniques.

I found some resources like this, or a list of web application like it. However these are examples of vulnerable apps from a security perspective.

Instead, I need some mobile apps having functional bugs. Are there some resources in this perspective?

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I think you can just take any low-rated application from any application store and it will be highly-likely a "bugged mobile app".

Another option is to install early-access application. Here is the example for Google Play Market:

enter image description here


In https://m.apkpure.com/br/apkpure/com.apkpure.aegon you can get several apps APKs to install and test


  • Online Shop Demo
  • Demo Shop
  • RP Shop Online DEMO
  • My Demo App
  • Demo app

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