I have ~10 scripts in my Test Plan, which are dependent. (e.g. the 2nd request couldn't be passed if the 1st request is not passed - it is restriction of functionality).

My goal is to run JMeter scripts by certain percentage and / or RPS value. (I used for it Throughput Controller and Throughput Shaping Timer Plugin accordingly). By using these approaches, that requests executes randomly and as a result I got failures.

I need to execute requests sequentially.

Any ideas?

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    can try using check the checkbox box "Run Thread Groups Consecutively" in your test plan.
    – NarendraR
    Sep 13, 2018 at 7:48

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Requests are always been executed sequentially, i.e. each virtual user will execute Request 1 then Request 2 on first iteration then execute Request 1 and Request 2 on second iteration, etc. You can double check this using __threadNum() function to print the ID of the user and __groovy() function to print the current thread group iteration.

JMeter user id and thread group

as you can see within the bounds of a single iteration a single user first executes Request 1 and then Request 2.

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