Posting the code snippet

for abc in self.driver.find_elements_by_xpath(
                        flag = False
                        for xyz in abc.find_elements_by_tag_name("div"):
                            attr = xyz.get_attribute("colid")
                            if attr == "moduleName":
                                module_name = cluster_module.text[:-3]

                                # Check in the module given in input file is found on UI
                                if module_name == input_module:
                                    logger.warning("Module {} found.....".format(input_module))
                                    flag = True
                                    logger.warning("Flag value {}".format(flag))
                            elif attr == "inventoryTarget":
                                if flag:


                                            .send_keys(Keys.CONTROL + "a").send_keys(Keys.DELETE)\

please note i have a suite with multiple test cases and each test case calls this function and it works for first testcase but fails after that for subsequent testcases

  • so what is the error you get? Commented Apr 2, 2019 at 14:06

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Seems like the flag is not being set to true on consecutive runs. You should check the module names in your if statement:

if module_name == input_module

I do not know what those 'modules' are, but it seems like this condition is not met.


You can try using Appium Studio. It has simple commands which can be exported / directly coded in multiple languages. For double click it would be self.client.click("NATIVE", "your-xpath-here", 0, 2) The last parameter is the click count. Set it to 1 for single click. You can find here the detailed documentation.

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