I am writing a selenium script in Java to capture the arguments passed in JavaScript onclick() call/method. Attached is the image in which method/function name is highlighted. enter image description here

Now, In this method there are some arguments/parameters which i want to capture same as we capture any css_Selector. I am unable to do this. Is there any method or way to do this task? In the Below attached image, i want to capture arguments such as "content_ids", "content_type", "value", "currency" and "content_name". Kindly suggest me solution. enter image description here


see how-to-get-the-contents-of-a-script-tag-in-selenium

element.GetAttribute("innerHTML"); could help you here

  • i have tried element.GetAttribute("innerHTML"); but it captures all the response within the script tag. i want to capture content/variables individually – Shakeel May 20 at 11:23
  • 1
    There is no other way, you need to get the String, then obtain the JSON, then parse the JSON. – Moro May 21 at 10:55

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