I'm currently exploring FitNesse/Slim as an automated test tool. Scenarios are defined on a page named Example.ScenarioLibrary, and this particular test is defined on Example.T002Scripts.

I've defined a recurring scenario, which creates a task in the System Under Test, that I want to use in many different tests. However, the task names need to be different. I tried to arrange that by including ${RUNNING_PAGE_NAME} in the Slim table.

!2 Task configuration
|scenario        |create new task with duration           |duration                               |
|click           |New                                                                             |
|enter           |[TEST] ${RUNNING_PAGE_NAME} @{duration}s|as|Name                                |

This sort-of works, except that this produces the following Name: [TEST] <a href="Example.T002Scripts">T002Scripts</a> 20s. I want (and expected) it to be [TEST] T002Scripts 20s or [TEST] Example.T002Scripts 20s (both would be fine). Is there any way to get rid of that HTML markup? I've tried other variables (${PAGE_NAME}, ${PAGE_PATH} and ${RUNNING_PAGE_PATH}) but to no avail.

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I've found a solution in one of the projects which came packaged with my FitNesse installation: hsac-fitness-fixtures. It contains some methods for string manipulation in the form of StringFixture. One of the methods is replace all which allows removing the HTML tags:

|$testName=|replace all                  |<[^>]*>|in|${RUNNING_PAGE_NAME}|with||
|enter     |[TEST] $testName @{duration}s|as     |Name                         |

The name of the task is now [TEST] T002Scripts 20s as desired.

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