case "firefox":
            FirefoxProfile profile = new FirefoxProfile();
            profile.setPreference("browser.download.dir", "Downloads");  // folder
            profile.setPreference("browser.helperApps.neverAsk.saveToDisk", "application/zip");  // MIME type
            profile.setPreference("pdfjs.disabled", true);  // disable the built-in viewer
            profile.setPreference("browser.download.folderList", 2);
            profile.setPreference("browser.download.panel.shown", false);

            DesiredCapabilities capabilities = DesiredCapabilities.firefox();
            capabilities.setCapability(FirefoxDriver.PROFILE, profile);
            capabilities.setCapability(CapabilityType.ELEMENT_SCROLL_BEHAVIOR, 1);

            webDriver = new FirefoxDriver(capabilities);

Windows popup which i am getting is:enter image description here

can anyone help me out with this issue??

  • Could you try options.setPreference("browser.download.useDownloadDir", false); or options.setPreference("browser.download.useDownloadDir", true); and try
    – PDHide
    Jan 3 '20 at 13:51
  • you can use sikuli (image based automation ) to handle this kind op popups
    – Sachintha
    Jan 8 '20 at 12:09

You are missing one line for your setup: profile.setPreference("browser.download.manager.showWhenStarting",false);

Also I would check if the browser.download.dir is not missing proper path to disk (plain"Downloads" might not be enough and you should use full path to disk).

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