I was testing some REST endpoint with JMeter. Each request requires access_token for calling any of this API. My access tokens are in a CSV file, for removing duplication I've used a test fragment Request Header in this test fragment I've read the CSV file and initialized HTTP Header Manager using the access token. Later imported the Request Header test fragment in each request with Module Controller. But for those request test fragment HTTP Header Manager is not inheriting from Request Header and shows

    "message": "Missing Authorization Header"

But if I use this HTTP Header Manager in each request individually it works fine. Yeah, I can continue with duplication but need to remove those duplications.

Structure of my test plan

enter image description here

HTTP Header Manager enter image description here

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Your design is kind of violating JMeter Scoping Rules, if you have a HTTP Header Manager under a Test Fragment - it will be applied only to HTTP Request samplers which reside under that Test Fragment.

So if you want the HTTP Header Manager to be applied to all HTTP Request samplers in your test plan - just put it under the Test Plan element (the same level as Thread Groups) and it will be applied to all HTTP Request samplers in all Thread Groups

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