How to select random checkbox in a table because checkbox id, type , name are same then how to get random checkbox select and value is different.

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    List<WebElement> a = driver.findElements(By.id("#checkbox"));
    a.get(new Random().nextInt(a.size())).click();

use findElements to get all checkbox and then use Random to generate a random index and click on that webelement in the list


You can use this code to select random number of checkboxes,

List<WebElement> a = driver.findElements(By.id("#checkbox"));
Random rand = new Random(); //instance of random class
int int_random = rand.nextInt(a.size()); 
for(int i = 0; i < a.size(); i += int_random) {

This will iterate through the list of all checkboxes with ID="checkbox" and then randomly increment the counter so that the loop doesn't go sequentially selecting all the checkboxes.

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