I'm working on end to end test case automation.

  1. First 5 test step need to check on web. [Selenium Web driver]
  2. Next 3 steps need to validate in windows desktop apps.[Winapp driver]
  3. Again need to do the verification in Web.

For web we are using Selenium Web driver, For windows desktop using Winappdriver. switching driver based on the requirement is possible or any other optimal approaches available

Kindly let us know that will be helpful.

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There's nothing wrong with using two drivers, just lookout for things like timeouts with Selenium Webdriver that have a default timeout (after some seconds of no requests to the Selenium it shuts down the session).

var webDriver = new ChromeDriver();
var winDriver = new WinAppDriver();
webDriver.url = "https://sqa.stackexchange.com";
winDriver.Foo.bar(); // potential timeout

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