I created a test script to sign in and sign out an application and tested the script with a single user.

The aggregate report shows average time as 72 secs for sign out for just 1 user. But when I manually sign out the application, it is getting done in 2 seconds itself.

Why is this?

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Are you absolutely sure that the Aggregate Report shows 72 seconds? As per documentation

Times are in milliseconds.

enter image description here

If it really takes more than a minute to log in compare the requests which are being sent by the real browser with the ones which JMeter sends, you need to configure JMeter to behave 100% like a real browser, in this case you should get similar/same results.

  • Thank you for responding. Yes, I am very sure the sign out transaction (which contains only 1 request) is taking more than a minute (Average - 151637 ms). I am recording the script using blazemeter chrome extension and the script automatically comes with the configuration to behave like a real browser. But still, i see a huge difference between real browser and jmeter.
    – Rohit
    Commented Dec 2, 2021 at 18:33

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