Lot of Automation engineers have shifted to new Web automation tools like Cypress, WebDriverIO, Pupeeter, Playwritght, Katalon Studio, AI tools like Testium, Functionize etc and i am still working on Java and Selenium, Cucumber Framework..

Will in coming time, Selenium/java become less popular for QA engineers and all code will be moved/re-written in newer tools ?

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    Yes, its popularity will drop from 83% to 45% over the next 4 years. Actually I can't predict the future (that was a joke) and also there is no mechanism for actually measuring this outside of anecdotes. So while its a valid question and something I wonder about, its not a valid question for this site where a well defined question gets specific answers based on knowledge. So opinion based. Close. Commented Jan 27, 2023 at 13:59

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Realistically if you analyse this change of inclusion of new framework & compare with older one, following points will have to be taken into consideration:

  1. New frameworks like Cypress, WebDriverIO, Pupeeter, Playwritght etc:

    • Change is expected as a part of progress
    • There are some advantage in terms of speed, maintenance, enhancement in framework so they have been introduced
    • Framework selection is based on the project requirements, stack already being used & many more parameters
    • User base for javascript has been increased significantly & naturally frameworks base on javascript are getting more popularity
  2. Old frameworks :

    • Since couple of decades selenium framework is there and you can see most mature too
    • Maturity comes with stability, continuous rolling out updates & support, large community support etc
    • Fact is many places selenium based automation has been already implemented using Java, Ruby, Python, C# or other language with Selenium and they will keep on using it
    • Because its not only fulfilling their requirements but to adapt and change whole automation would be time consuming process for them
    • People might be sometimes reluctant for sudden changes when it comes to cost which they have already invested and now invest more again from start for new tool/framework
    • Do not worry there will be always user base for old framework
  3. Other side of the coin :

    • There are few frameworks like Robotium, Calabash was also introduced at some point of time
    • Where are they now? Does they have backed up by their own development team? Are they less successful to create large community base?
    • Those are now left behind and some stopped support too
  4. From own expertise and being employable aspect :

    • Even though Robotium and Calabash are fallen behind still those requirements has been fulfilled by Appium for mobile these days (there are few more new framework but I will not go there)
    • You can sense what is still being followed:
      • Finding elements, good and efficient locator usage, interaction with them are still being use in automation which is not outdated still
      • Framework and their architecture got change and modified but its not total technology flip
      • If we could do, what we are doing with good understanding, will be ready for new framework all the time & that will keep us employable too

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