We reflect on using SeeTest for mobile app test automation. I am familiar with Selenium 2 / WebDriver and like to use PageObjects.

Is it possible to create PageObjects or something similar with SeeTest? The SeeTest test automation can be developed with Java or other programming languages, so it should be possible. But I have no experience with this tool and I want to play safe.

Thanks for your support!

PageObject: A class for a page or component of a page which provides all elements and actions. This way it is possible to write easy to understand test cases.

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In SeeTest there is out-of-box concept called Zone.

Zones are similar to containers and allow to group elements as you wish. It's obvious to group elements by functional areas / pages / screens. So Zones are similar to Page Objects in some sense.

Here are few Zone-related official help pages:

To develop your own implementation of PageObject, or extend Zones with some behaviour

  • you can also export test code into regular programming language.
    Find info here: Help > Plug-in & Add-on to 3rd party framework
  • Thank your for your answer. Sounds good. But is it right, that zones only provide elements? Element actions like click, type and something similar can not implemented by myself? For exmaple zone.clickNextButton(); or zone.searchFor(String); In this example searchFor(String); select a search field, type the String and select the submit button. So the method interact with multiple elements. Is something like that possible?
    – Twaldigas
    Commented Jun 20, 2014 at 9:07
  • I think yes. I've updated an answer. Commented Jun 20, 2014 at 10:03

It will be difficult to maintain SeeTest automation using POM because if we declare all the paths like

public static By launchpad_button = By.xpath("//*[@id='text']");

but the commands in SeeTest are like below

driver.client.elementSendText("NATIVE", "xpath=//*[@id='text']", 0 ,"Testing");

So you need to add xpath again while using SeeTest commands

Its useful in the Selenium + Webdriver but i thinks it will wast in Selenium Webdriver + SeeTest

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