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Behat is a behavior driven development (BDD) framework for PHP. Behat is intended to aid communication between developers, clients, and other stakeholders during a software development process. It allows the clear documentation of testable examples of the software's intended behavior.

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Behat tests take over an hour to run

We have a test suite of around 60 feature files, 135 scenarios, 1800 steps. We currently use the free 100 builds on semaphoreCI which occasionally successfully runs all of the tests, but quite often ...
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Behat, Java or Python [closed]

I started in the world of QA about 1 year ago and I started as a QA tester. But for almost 6 months ago, I started with the automation testings. I started with selenium and behat. In my company they ...
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Detect unused steps - Behat

Are there any tools or extensions to detect unused steps in Behat? We have a huge number of tests code, it is time consuming to check each single step is in-use or not. So I'm thinking if any tools ...
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Behat/mink - Javascript redirect on page->open

Using behat/mink, I'm testing the "remember me" functionality. Functionally, when the user visits the main page, javascript/ajax code verifies if the user is "remembered". If yes, then the ...
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Why does behat call my context class twice?

When I want run my behat test like in this tutorial, I get an error message: ➜ bin/behat --suite=system PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class SystemContext in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/...
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