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Firebug is a very popular Firefox plugin. It's a web development tool that allows you to "edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page".

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6 votes
2 answers

Testing CSS styles and design elements of website

How to find the CSS attributes for website. For eg: I have a testcase where I need to test the styling and design of a Button for webpage. How can I retrieve the elements, if for example I need find ...
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Not being able to locate an element using contains() in xpath

I want to locate the element using Reject from the below: <span ng-click="moderatePost(post,'R')" role="button" tabindex="0"> <i class="icon-delete-cross f-s-20 show-hide"/i> ...
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Which Firefox version is more compatible with Selenium IDE and Firebug? [closed]

Firefox Browser compatibility with Selenium IDE and Firebug Plugins or addons.
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3 answers

How to find the specific error on a web page from a generic message page?

While testing Web pages, Sometimes the page would be Redirect to RUNTIME error Compilation error. I could not fine what is the exact reason for the errors. As a QA is want to know what was the exact ...
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How to find the window name using firebug?

I can get the window name through selenium IDE, but with the same name, i cant able to find through firebug. Is there anyother way to find the window name using firebug?
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Unable to use firebug performance tester with Selenium

I would like to measure the performance of the functional testing. I was following the tutorial in the following link
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6 answers
38k views not working on some anchor elements

The application that am working on was recently revamped and as part of that a new JQuery calendar was introduced. I need to click on a link in the calendar to select the time and date. However, ...
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