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JBehave is a Java-based framework for Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD).

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JBehave - large number of steps in a scenario, due to preconditions and pre-steps

I'm having a scenario which consists of around 500 steps. About 490 steps out of the it are preconditions and steps that needs to be done, in order to come to a state where the actual acceptance (...
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Jbehave Vs Robot Framework - pros and cons

Which one is the better option for web application testing - JBehave or Robot Framework? Comparison between JBehave and Robot Framewrok.
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How to integrate Jbehave and TestNG?

I googled and found most of scripts were written in Jbehave with junit. But I'm trying to integrate Jbehave with testNG framework. And the following were I tried so far. Feature file: Scenario: ...
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How can I avoid conflicts running Selenium tests in parallel, when they must exercise an underlying REST API?

I have a web application which needs to be tested in multiple browsers in multiple environments (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer in both Windows and Linux* (*with the obvious exception of ...
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How to modify/update content of tabular parameter in JBehave example table

I need to modify content value of Example table of Scenario of JBehave story file through a Step-file (Java-method) will it be possible ? e.g.Story file Scenario :Modifying_Example_Table Given ...
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Selenium opens browser and loads page, then stops

Selenium opens browser and loads page, then stops. I have inherited a selenium project with no internal documentation and I'm a bit stuck on how to get it up and running (I am new to Selenium). We've ...
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How do I use JBehave to test a command line installer outcome?

I have a task and I don't know how to solve it. We have a Python command line installer, and I should write a functional automated test in JBehave for it. Does anybody have any idea how to approach ...
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