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Is it possible to use Appium to automate an iOS application on a Windows machine?

I need to automate an iOS application with Appium, C# on a Windows PC using SauceLab. I can utilize any real-time device or emulator that is linked to saucelab. I only have a Windows computer here. Is ...
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Canadian Test Phone for Testing Use in USA

I'm based in the USA and I need to do some manual testing of a mobile app. We have a lot of users that are based in Canada and we want to test various flows specific to Canadian users. We've tried ...
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Unable to scroll into view of an element in iOS with Appium & Webdriverio

i'm trying to scroll into an element but the the current code scrolls all the way to the bottom of the page, i have inserted the element name within the code but it doesn't seem to work. const ...
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What will be the positive and negative testcases for Q&As tab in product detail page in an ecommerce mobile app?

I am testing an e-commerce mobile app, and on the product detail page there are multiple tabs like: Description, Technical Details, Reviews, Q&As etc. I need to test the Q&A (Question and ...
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check video playback on Mobile App

I am working on a hybrid mobile app (React native) automated testing project using robot framework and Appium, i'm looking for a way to test videos streaming. Is there a way to test if the video ...
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Can we execute our test manually on one device and replay the same tests on multiple devices?

I want to test a shopping website, a portal where users can view/filter products (clothes, shoes, etc) the actual buying happens somewhere else, it's kind of an aggregator. [The website is UI heavy - ...
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Strategies for testing .ics or .ical file compatibility with iOS devices

I need to test .ics and .ical files for compatibility with the native calendar app on iOS devices. If I purchase an iOS dev kit will this allow me to use the native calendar application under ...
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