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PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on the .NET Framework.

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How to create multiple Json files with different values

I want to generate multiple (thousands) json files (to be sent as post body in different requests) with different values but same keys. Can someone please help me how I can do this. If there is any ...
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Selenium and Powershell drop down menu select

Selenium WebDriver, using Chrome and Powershell. I'm trying to choose and click the 'en' value, from the drop down of the language menu. Here is the HTML Code: <select id="language_select"...
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Error running `Invoke-Command` [closed]

I am trying to run the below command in powershell Invoke-Command -Computer 'someComputer' ScriptBlock {Remove-Item $args -Force -Recurse} -ArgumentList 'C:\Users\someUser\AppData\Local\Temp' but ...
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Possibility to automate installation of desktop application in Vagrant [closed]

I would like to ask for help. What I have: Vagrant, desktop application which I need to install, folder which is shared in corporate network. What I need to do: Install Vagrant (for now I do it ...
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Can you run Powershell scripts with command line parameters in Robot?

We use Robot Framework to run our tests and we do use the Run command to execute some Powershell scripts to perform some external tasks. This works when we set up the command line parameters in one ...
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Powershell or similar to run all test suites of a test plan

Does anybody have a powershell to run all test cases of all test suites in a test plan? I want a simple way of running all test cases of a test plan despite of their state (Active, Failed, etc). MTM ...
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