I am using page object model. Here is XPath that I have written for Heading of the page and stored it in the heading WebElement variable:

@FindBy( xpath = "//div[@class='page-title category-title']")
private WebElement heading;`

My goal is to get or extract the XPath back from the element heading. I have tried printing it but the result I am getting is, System.out.println(heading)

gave me:

[[FirefoxDriver: firefox on WINDOWS (4520a9a1-c58b-4b34-ae3e-48613e6e7005)] -> xpath: //div[@class='page-title category-title']]`

And my expectation is :

//div[@class='page-title category-title'] 

as a string.


Just extract the class attribute of the element and create the xpath

String headingClass = heading.getAttribute("class");

String headingPath = "//div[@class='"+ headingClass + "']"

then use headingPath wherever you want.


I don't know why you want the output like this , but i can think of one way of getting you the class name instead of the whole xpath,


which will give you result as page-title category-title

Then you can prefix & postfix with you xpath string if only you want the output like that, then again as i said, i don't know why you need output string like that,


Want to know out of curiosity, whats the purpose of doing this?

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    Why? In my experience, because ExpectedConditions only work with locators and not with existing webelements... It's kind of silly to redefine an XPath if you already know the element.
    – FDM
    Nov 9 '15 at 19:31

We will be splitting the string with the delimitor "xpath:"

String[] a = heading.toString().split("xpath:");

//The length will be 2

// will print //div[@class='page-title category-title']
String source = "[[FirefoxDriver: firefox on WINDOWS (4520a9a1-c58b-4b34-ae3e-48613e6e7005)] -> xpath: //div[@class='page-title category-title']]";

//Split your Source from "->"
String[] temp = source.split("-> ");

//Split your Source from ": "
String[] temp2 = temp[1].split(": ");

//Access first index to get locator name
String locator = temp2[0];

//Access Second index to get locator value
String value = temp2[1].substring(0,temp2[1].length()-1);
  • This really doesn't add anything to the existing answers to a several-year-old question, and is actually less efficient with the multiple split operations, for no apparent added value.
    – c32hedge
    Sep 9 '19 at 16:40

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