I have written some E2E testcases using protractor, selenium-server and angularjs, now I want to run the same testcases(with or without any change) again and again by setting some time interval for running, is there any way to do this,

I have seen jasmine and grunt, but I think they will work if found any change in file, but I have required to run all testcases after some interval(still if there is no change in file)

  • Not sure about this, but have you explored Jenkins? Nov 29 '15 at 8:10

If your Protractor scripts are set up to where they can be run VIA command line easily, you can set up a cron-like system to have them run in a predefined schedule.

For Windows based system this SO question should give the information needed.

For Linux based systems this guide has a good tutorial for it.

And for Mac systems, here is a guide.

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