When I SAVE this as a link in Selenium IDE:

Command type  > Target id=title  > Value javascript{"Code" + Math.floor(Math.random()*11111)}

It will become

"link=Code(numbers)" --->>Name of link will be "Code with random numbers".

My Question is, how do I store this name with random number and when I want to select this name and the random number "Link", how do I go about this?

I mean, I want to save this "link" with the Target as "Code" with a random number into a variable and select exactly the same one again?

Is it possible that I can select this link that I just created?



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This is very simple question and very simple answer as well. This should work for you:

storeEval      | Math.floor(Math.random()*11111) | RandomNumber
type           | id=title                        | ${RandomNumber}
waitForVisible | link=Code${RandomNumber}
click          | link=Code${RandomNumber}

first line will store random value into the RandomNumber variable. each time you use varibale by ${xxx} the value will pop in the result action.

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