I have the following xml:

<td class="tableCell restrictionCell">
    <span class="restrictionEditLink"  rId="202">edit</span>
    &nbsp;<span class="restrictionDeleteLink"  rId="202">delete</span>

I'm attempting to extract the value of the rId attribute using the following XPath


In JMeter it's returning 0 matches. If I test it in an online XPath tester, I'm getting the value as expected.

If I run:


JMeter returns the two class values as I expect.

Also attempted to use:


Which also returns 0 results in JMeter, but the rId value in an online XPath tester.

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Not sure I can explain this one, but I noticed that the result set in JMeter when searching for @class was returning rid instead of rId as it is in the response message being parsed. Changing over to @rid returns the values I was looking for.


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