A newbie Ranorex, I come from a Selenium Python background.

I can not figure out how to find an array of similar elements in Ranorex. With Selenium, we can use something like:

array = webdriver.FindElementsByXpath(xpath)

How to do it using Ranorex?


Ranorex has its own set of methods, for examples:

If you are looking for an array of <div> elements, you need to:

WebDocument webDocument = "/dom[@caption = title of the webpage under test]";
IList <DivTag> array = webDocument.Find<DivTag>(xpath);

They are comparable to:

driver = Selenium.Chrome();
array = driver.FindElementsByXpath();

If you are looking for a group of element, replace <DivTag> with <ATag>.

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    Furthermore, you can organize xpaths to GUI elements in a repository, and reference those in your code. May 13 '17 at 16:27

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