I'm using a baseUrl in the config file and some tests access links that have prepended/appended text to the same url that needs to be verified. How can I verify the clicked url while using the baseUrl?


baseurl: dev.test.com

Link to be verified


'this' will not change but the numeric values will. The environment will change in the baseUrl (dev vs staging, etc).

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You can get the currently used baseUrl from the browser.params. Then, the only thing left is to properly match the url. For this, we can use a simple toContain() or a more granular toMatch() jasmine matchers (assuming you are using Jasmine test framework):


expect(browser.getCurrentUrl()).toMatch("this-" + browser.params.baseUrl + "/#/");

And, I am also assuming by the "clicked URL" you meant the current url - hence, the use of getCurrentUrl() method.

You may also need to tweak things a bit if your baseUrl contains the protocol part (http:// or https://).

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