I'm using the Nigthwatch framework and I was wondering if it's possible to launch several sessions in a single script. So for example, in the same test, it launches two instances of Chromedriver and so you can test interactions between two client sessions.

I have checked on their website but I haven't been able to find any information concerning that. I only saw the option to launch test in parallel but it's something totally different.

Maybe Nightwatch is not made for this purpose? I used to do that with Selenium and Python directly but I would like to improve these multiple-sessions tests with nightwatch.

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After a discussion on the forum of Nightwatch.js, it doesn't seem possible to run two browser sessions in the same script. So I have found a way to do what I wanted to perform by using parallel tests.

Nightwatch.js enable to run scripts in parallel. So I have written a script for each session and run them in parallel.

Problem solved ✅

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