I want to do this: 1- Run 10 query the same time, in one component and after pass for 10 HTTP Request, one by one How can I do this? Thanks


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  1. Add Thread Group to your Test Plan and set "Number of Threads" to 10

    JMeter Thread Group 10

  2. Add HTTP Request which you want to be executed simultaneously
  3. Add Synchronizing Timer as a child of the HTTP Request sampler and set "Number of Simultaneous Users to Group by" to 10

    JMeter Synchronizing Timer

    The request will be executed by 10 threads at exactly the same time

  4. Add Critical Section Controller to the Thread Group
  5. Put the request which you want to be executed one by one as a child of the Critical Section Controller

Test outline and demo:

JMeter Synchronizing Timer and Parallel Controller

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