Current value of href for the login button on this website: is provided below:

<a href=";;utm_medium=login_button%20&amp;_ga=2.239553475.1528002918.1522096243-201959362.1514578998" >

What would be the correct xpath for this href. I have used the following value:


Any inputs would be appreciated.

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You should use this as a xpath locator to locate the login button for this website:

xpath = //a[@class='button login']

This should remain consistent unlike the href that would change as it apparently is appending the GA cookie value (_ga=something) in the href value.


  • Just to be a bit more error proof I would suggest the following xpath expression: //nav[@id='site-navigation']/a[@class='button login'] as the navigation pane seems to have solid id. – Bence Kaulics Dec 8 at 19:09
  • Thanks @Bence Kaulics...this worked perfectly well. Much appreciate your help :) – Nivesh Kotian Dec 8 at 19:50

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