I am new to Silktest, so can anyone help me out to verify the Windows version and the IE browser that the test is about to run on.

Is there an inbuilt function that I could use in my test case that would actually pull th

  • Looks like your last sentence is unfinished. What is "pull th"?
    – dzieciou
    Nov 22, 2012 at 17:58

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Try the SYS_GetName function.

From the doc:

Returns the name of the operating system on the target system, where the 4Test Agent is running.


I haven't used SilkTest, but I understand that it supports C#. In C# you can get browser info via the HttpRequest.Browser property and you could use the System.PlatformID enumeration and the System.Environment.OSVersion property, or for more detailed OS info you invoke some Win32 APIs described in my blog here


In addition to tehlexx's answer, you can also try SYS_GetVersion(), which returns the Microsoft specified constant that specifies the OS being used.

If you're doing web testing or some kind of non-trivial parallel/network testing, I would try avoiding using SYS_ functions, however since they're highly machine dependent. You could also try writing custom functions that pull the OS information from the regional settings or elsewhere directly from the machine the test is being run on.

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