I need to know what and where to change

  1. if I have to add an extra table in the dashboart report
  2. or if I wanted to add some extra metrics in the Statistics summary to show in the dashboard report. For example, if I want to display timestamp as a column in Statistics table of Dashboard report on UI. The timestamp values are already available in the summaryreport.jtl file generated when the test cases are run but it does not show up on the dashboard report UI.
  3. If Statistics table should display the result according to Execution timings or timestamp(Exact structure like the summary report file generated)

The dashboard report in its default is not that easy to understand for all and thus customizations are needed. I'm sure there would be a way to achieve this even if it involves changing of classes/jars/plugins.Please suggest. Thanks

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jMeter is an open source project, so you can change the code or hire a developer to change the code for you. You can find the code here. You could also create a enhancement request in their Bugzilla.

Some configuration of the dashboards is possible according to the jMeter dashboard documentation, it also includes a link to a developer page for improving the dashboard:

14.6 Want to improve Report Dashboard ? If you want to contribute new graphs or improve current ones, you can read this developer documentation.

  • Thanks. I guess that requires some good amount of analysis and changes
    – User
    Commented May 24, 2019 at 4:18

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