Details: For our test procedures, we want to read the cookies of a website, manipulate the cookie and read it again.

We want to test if this is possible at all to avoid a security gap.

We use for our test procedures:

Selenium - latest version Python - Latest version And several other Python packages.

Question: Can I use Selenium to read the cookies, write them back after manipulation?

  • Something like this? stackoverflow.com/questions/15058462/… – pavelsaman Jan 20 at 14:22
  • It goes that way, but only partially. I am also more concerned about a manipulation of the cookie, error message which I would like to have afterwards, but then as a positive test. So it's a bit different ;) – Mornon Jan 20 at 14:30
  • I'm a bit confused about what you want to achieve. But an answer to your question in the title is simply yes :) If you need a certain flow after you manipulate the cookies, well, you'd need to describe that a bit more, at least I don't fully get it from your current description. – pavelsaman Jan 20 at 16:23

I've never done with with Python, but, have a few times with C#. I know you won't be able to copy/paste this, but, will maybe help point you in the right direction

        string cookieNameString = _driver.Manage().Cookies.GetCookieNamed("actualCookieName").Value;
        cookieNameString = "my new cookie value";
        Cookie actualCookieName = new Cookie("actualCookieName", cookieNameString);

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