System :

  • Python
  • Behave
  • Selenium
  • Edge browser
  • Target : Extension

Problem : Edge extension automation test is failing continuously. There are multiple observations :

  • Page gets loaded with enter manually [Confirmation of URL, other components & factors] but
  • driver.get(targeted_goto_url) is not working
  • I can see new edge instance but URL is missing

Solutions I have tried :

  • Chromium property set to true
  • options.AddExtensionPath(extensions_local_path)
  • options.AddExtensions() and passed path of .crx file
  • Confirmed : Version of EdgeDriver and EdgeHTML should be compatible to each other

Team, Let me know if you have faced and applied working solution for this issue. Thanks!

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Working solution: I have used chrome-extension in targeted URL instead of extension

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