I have setup GitHub actions with Jmeter and I would like to validate page load times with Sitespeed.io tool.

So I have created a workflow in which I have included 2 steps.

  1. Run jmeter login script and capture Cookie value (Login script include OTP.).
  2. Run sitespeed.io docker image by passing --Cookie value along with URL.

I have correlated cookie value in jmeter and saved "c_Cookie" param(jmeter parameter).

How to pass this cookie value to sitespeed.io tool?

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If you're running JMeter and "sitespeed.io" (whatever it is) in different jobs you can:

  1. Store the cookie value into the file using JSR223 PostProcessor and the Groovy code like:

    new File('cookie.txt').text = vars.get('c_Cookie')
  2. Store the file as the job artifact

  3. Use cookie.txt file in your "sitespeed.io" job

More information: Passing data between jobs in a workflow

  • Thank you Dimitri. Its working fine as expected. But I am unable to pass the cookie value within the steps. So i created 2 Jobs. In 1st Job, with jmeter login script saved Cookie values in a file. in 2nd job, I have download the Cookie file and save the value in GitHub env variable and pass that variable as input to Sitespeed.io tool.
    – Peddaswamy
    Aug 13, 2023 at 8:25

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