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AutoIt is a freeware automation tool for emulating keystrokes, mouse clicks and other Windows GUI interactions.

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RobotFramework AutoItLibrary.Run test case passing, but no window shown

I have Python 3.7.0, Robot Framework 3.2.2, and AutoItLibrary 1.2.7 installed. I have the following test case to simply run an app I have developed in .NET: *** Settings *** Library ...
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FIle Upload in WebdriverIO with AutoIT

I am trying to upload a file in a file upload filed in WebdriverIO with AutoIT. I am unable to execute the .exe file which will select the file from File Explorer in Windows. Can anyone tell me what ...
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Need help with AutoIT script created to handle browser authentication pop up

I have written below AutoIT script to handle the browser auth window as below. I have parameterized script to get the uname & pwd from command line. With this parameterized script during ...
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Handle windows authentication pop up on Chrome using AutoIT

I am trying to handle the basic authentication pop up for my Selenium webdriver scripts using AutoIt in Chrome. I am using following AutoIt script: If WinExists("","Chrome Legacy Window&...
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Selenium - Unknown error - element input

I have make 3 function for blank data,invaliddata and validdata. I have user autoit for the upload the the file from the window. At the debug time script is run properly but at the run time it ...
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