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How does Test Automation fit in the Continuous Delivery pipeline?

I work with Selenium, Java, Cucumber etc...and create Automation frameworks. My team is now using a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins. How can i contribute to the delivery pipeline with Automation? What ...
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Can a Test Automation engineer switch to a DevOps profile easily?

I work with Selenium Automation, API testing tools etc but if I want to switch to a DevOps engineer role, then how challenging will it be for a QA to learn all tools? Also, Where does UI automation ...
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What role does Docker play in Test Automation?

Should I learn Docker containers tool to run Selenium test automation. What's the purpose of learning it? Isn't it enough to run your automation project in Jenkins?
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Are DevOps tools mandatory to survive in Automation Testing field?

I work as Test Engineer in Selenium, TestNG, Java, Maven, Cucumber and Jenkins. My knowledge about Jenkins is limited in the sense that I can create freestyle or Maven based jobs and can trigger those ...
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What are some good practices to reduce test redundancy across environments in deployment pipeline?

Background: In an agile team, working on complex front end application relying on heavy backend (implementing complex business logic) where new features are being released in a pipeline which goes ...
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End to End tests on multiple build agents?

I am using Cypress for end-to-end testing on a Web App, and for some browsers I noticed slight changes in the output when changing the build agent. It is something that I didn't even consider before, ...
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Azure Access to Internal Selenium Server

We are currently testing out DevOps but one thing that I can't do is have MSTest hit our internal server (which is housed in Azure) that contains selenium and such. DevOps of course is external. I am ...
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Is there any alternative for AppCenter for mobile testing in Azure DevOps?

I am new to mobile testing, and using Appium for my tests. We are using Azure Devops. Since our team is relatively small and there's no really budget for QA, I am looking to see if there's any way I ...
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