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A memory leak occurs when a program fails to release memory that it has allocated but is no longer using and is not recoverable.

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Is there a tool to measure Java/Eclipse memory and garbage collector performance?

I do QA for a product performed with plugins over Eclipse and there are automatic tests written with SWTBot. Sometimes on some CI runs the delays are not enough, although they run OK locally. But ...
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Can I test for memory leaks with Ranorex?

Is there any way to test my application for memory leaks with Ranorex? Ranorex is a tool for integration testing. So I am not sure if this is the right place. On the other hand, it appears logical to ...
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The heap memory keeps on increasing on managed servers even though the load test has ended, what could be the reason? [closed]

We are having a strange observation while performance testing our web application which is, even after the load test ends, the heap keeps on increasing, what could be the issue? The environment for PT ...
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Tool to track GDI Handle Leaks [closed]

An application has GDI Leaks, which I detected with NirSoft GDIView. Now that I know there is a GDI Handle leak, I need a more professional tool with the following properties: works on Windows 7 and ...
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How can tester know that The Application has Memory leakage Problem?

I was testing an Android application for memory leakage. But I have no idea How to test memory leakage in the application. And How would I know that app has memory leakage problem?
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