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Common means for objects to communicate with each other.

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Loadrunner Vugen: How to save the Replay Summary Results that is displayed in Vugen as a csv/excel/tabular report?

I have created a script in Loadrunner TruClient protocol and would like to run the script in Vugen and view the results now and then. This is to measure any changes in UI rendering time for every new ...
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Testing communication protocols (Bluetooth, WiFi, USB)

At my job, we create some multimedia unit with communication capabilities (Bluetooth, WiFi, USB). How can we test the implementation of these communication protocols in a reliable / "certifiable" way?...
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How to read the encrypted payload where the http data would be located [closed]

I am working in wireshark. I am monitoring the wifi traffic on the same network. We have 6 pc's there and one machine was installed on wireshark to capture wifi traffic. I got my team mates Ip ...
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How to update softwares in a company [closed]

If a company wants to update their systems like for example ERP or CRM or a bookkeeping system etc. How can they best do this.. Just update the systems on every computer and hoping it works 100%? Or ...
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How do I test protocol data transfer speed and data loss?

For one of my uni projects I have to test and compare how different protocols handle audio and video data transfer. So I have protocols like RTP, RTMP and RTSP. What should I do to test them myself ...
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