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SoapUI CE and ReadyAPI (SoapUI NG) encode URLs differently

I have created an HTTP request to the URL below in SoapUI (v5) and SoapUI Pro NG (ReadyAPI v2.0): http://localhost:8888/content-service/content/book?query=(collection="book title") However, the ...
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How do you generate an AWS Signature in ReadyAPI/SoapUI

I am trying to perform a GET of an object on S3 storage using ReadyAPI (or SoapUI). Here is the documentation for how it is done In order to make the request I require a "signature" to be generated. ...
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ReadyAPI-Request an access token in headless mode fails for oauth 2 token retrieval in CI/CD pipeline

I am using the below code to generate accessToken. import; import; ...
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SoapUI Execute Script before any tests are run

I'd like to execute a script to setup tests. It should be run once but only once if I start a single test manually or a testsuite or the whole project. (Whenever the execution starts.) I also need to ...
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Replace SoapUI(or any equivalent tool) with code

(Disclaimer: you can replace in this post the term SoapUI with any tool doing end-to-end testing with a UI) My company use SoapUI to do end-to-end testing. They need to execute some tests on Selenium ...
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SoapUI/ReadyAPI: How to best compare two data sources

I am currently setting up some REST API tests. I have a test case that has the following Steps: Data Source - Get all Auth credentials in database REST Request - Auth POST getting auth token ...
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SOAPUI asserting input xml against the database fields

In soapui, i have a request xml and for which i would get an response. I have established jdbc connection. Now i need to verify the input xml against the database persisted fields. the xml elements ...
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Should i learn SOAP API or Rest Assured API Testing? [closed]

I am new to API testing world. Should i learn Rest Assured API testing using maven and eclipse or should i learn all things on Soap UI or Postman tool? Which tool is more in demand in IT industry and ...
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