Currently, my scenario is set as below: * Login * Loop Controller - Business process such as create a quote or application * Logout

But If I have to Make sure that Login and logout runs once per user and the Business process runs multiple iterations for a particular Period(Say 1 hour) , how do I handle this.?

Thanks in advance:)

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The easiest solution is going for Once Only Controller

enter image description here

For more complex conditions (including multiple clauses) you can use If Controller, the relevant condition for your setup would be the following __groovy() function:

${__groovy(vars.getIteration() == 1,)}

enter image description here

In order to make some request(s) to run in loop for certain amount of time:

  1. Put the request under Loop Controller and tick Forever box
  2. Put the Loop Controller under the Runtime Controller and set "Runtime (seconds)" to 3600

    enter image description here

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