I have a thread group with a While controller. At there I have set below condition.

${__javaScript(((${__time()} - ${LOOPSTART}) < 600000)  || ("${Queuing_Status}" == "QUEUED")) }

${Queuing_Status} is a user defined variable with the text QUEUED.

${LOOPSTART} is coming from a Bean shell sampler, and below is the code for that.

vars.put("LOOPSTART", System.currentTimeMillis().toString()) 

I have noticed that it will never reach the 2nd condition. So what might be the possible error with my condition.

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I think you need to use && operator instead of || one:

${__javaScript(((${__time()} - ${LOOPSTART}) < 60000)  && ("${Queuing_Status}" == "QUEUED")) }

More information: Using the While Controller in JMeter


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