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This is to ask for help with test automation architecture.

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How do you ensure your 'passing' tests(UI automated) actually pass?

How do you ensure your passing tests(UI automated) actually pass? As automation engineer I think we should question our passing tests in the same spirit as we dig in our failing tests to find out ...
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What is the best architecture for a test automation framework with multiple products?

Currently, we have time to update the architecture in our test automation framework, and we are searching for the best solution to our needs. We have this module architecture: tests-core core-api ...
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Test Automation tool for Data Analytics Software

I have been using Selenium for web application testing and need to switch to desktop automation testing which has process improvement functionalities like data analytics algorithms, etc. What could be ...
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Accumulated mass of tests - how to work with business to remove / refine?

Test object: a big monolith application (~500k loc) developed in Java for the last 15 years. Big and (probably overly) complicated backend + web frontend. There are many business processes implemented ...
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Desktop automation of c# applications

I have a desktop application for which I need to automate the smoke test suite consisting of 30 odd test cases. An application consists of 3 screens with some buttons and data grid. Major work in this ...
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Architecture of WebDriver-based GUI tests. How to break base helper into smaller ones?

I create automation tests for web using WebDriver and now architecture is like this: Description: contains extended methods for WebDriver which could be used in any project, they ...
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