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Selenium- Parallel test case using testng not working correctly. The same working fine in sequential mode

The driver instance initializes as Threadsafe. Till the launching of the browser and pass the URL everything seems to be working. But the credentials passing on anyone's browser, instead of all ...
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Automated testing of thread synchronization

My program has two threads: Thread A scans the filesystem for files matching certain criteria, and adds them to an internal catalog. Thread B scans the internal catalog for entries matching certain ...
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How to pass 3 variable to threadpoolexecutor “map”

The below code will show the issue with map func as the 3 args to login function very important import requests import random import concurrent.futures data = open("data.txt","r")....
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Jmeter - Unexpected output of Test plan

Test Plan : * Recording Controller#1 > CSV UserName DateSet > HTTP Request#1 > HTTP Request#2 - HttpHeader Manager - Regular Expression Extractor - JSR223 ...
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Teardown of Multiple Threaded Tests with Selenium

I'm trying to run multiple test cases with Nunit in C# in which every test needs its own Selenium Chrome Driver. Before it was threaded, I handled the chrome driver with [Setup] and [Teardown] like ...
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Using a small number of available user properties across a large number of threads

I'm currently building a testing framework for functional tests. I can run them in parallel using Cucumber but I have run into a problem in creating users for each thread (each test requires a brand ...
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Selenium Grid Parallel Execution ThreadLocal WebDriver SessionNotCreatedException: Unable to create new service: GeckoDriverService

Running tests in parallel on a windows node and a mac node using selenium grid would pass all tests but fail to run and skip the first test FilterMoreResultsBySquareFeet for either the Mac Firefox ...
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How to do Selenium Testing with multiple threads?

I'm trying to do functional testing using Selenium Webdriver. I'm using ruby code to test on multiple windows at the same time using multi-threading The problem is when the thread creates the new ...
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Most famous concurrency bugs?

Following What is the most famous computer bug of all time?, what are the most famous concurrency-related bugs? "Famous" means that the issue enjoyed coverage in mass media. Embarassingly costly ...
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