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A system that records changes to code

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How to make a Java library jar file which multiple projects use and how to push latest code changes?

I have few java packages as part of Selenium, Java, Cucumber, Maven automation framework which all projects use. If I create .jar file of it and place it in a separate project/folder in TFS Git ...
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Multiple iOS Regional Apps, Same Codebase. How to handle regions that aren't due for release

I'm wondering if anyone could help me with a strategy to ensure correct coverage for upcoming releases. A little about our setup... We have multiple iOS apps released across different European ...
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How to handle versioning for multi-sided ( frontend and backend) project?

Our solution has 3 environments(development,staging and production), and Currently,each environment has it's own versioning. e.g. Development : Frontend --> Backend --> ...
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Testing new features on unreleased branch or current master?

I have an issue in my current position that I was wondering if you could help me with. I'm a Mobile QA and I've just finished testing a large iOS release. It's on TestFlight now and ready for release. ...
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Supporting multiple versions of test scripts

We're running our own CI/performance tests system for some other team's software library as they've yet to decide on something beyond nightly tarballs and our requirements are much more stringent. Due ...
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11 votes
7 answers

Version controlling for Test Automation code

Our DevOps team has come up with a concept that I (as a QA automation engineer) do not agree with. They are suggesting that the test automation code should also have versioning that is always ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Version Control for Selenium Itself

My question is about best practice. We are moving to Selenium and will be using Selenium, Maven, TestNG and GitHub, with a Windows environment. We will have about ten users, with more in the future. ...
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4 answers

What is the recommended practice for maintaining test automation code within version control? [closed]

What is the recommended practice for maintaining test automation code within version control? We are currently keeping all of our production and staging feature code within SVN but our tests (which ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to manage versions of JMeter scripts

I have large amount of JMeter scripts which I store in Google Drive. I am planning to use a proper system that can help me keep track of changes and also manage their versions. Which tool will be ...
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8 votes
8 answers

Should testers have access to view developers code? What are pros and cons of this?

I am working as a manual and automation tester for a financial company. Testers in my company don't have access to the source code of our applications, we have limited access rights to our version ...
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Does JIRA have a better way to compare texts beyond "Activity History"? [closed]

When someone in Trac change the text of a Ticket, we can see easily the modification by clicking on Diff link and them it displays visualy by highlighting the removed and added words/characters (red ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Maintain test case versioning ONLY with help of git (or any other version control tools) [closed]

We want to maintain test case versioning only using GIT (or other DVCS tools). What aspects of git could we take advantage of that would let us do this?
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