Jasmine is a behavior-driven development (BDD) framework for testing JavaScript code. Jasmine has no external dependencies and does not require a DOM.

Jasmine is a stand-alone behavior-driven development () framework used for unit-testing of code.

Jasmine tests are broken up into describe and it statements. describe is used to denote the start of a test suite and it is used to denote the start of a particular test. expect statements are then used to outline the conditions under which a test should pass.

beforeEach and afterEach are some other frequently used blocks. beforeEach is used to run some code before each test. Something like loading a module. Similarly afterEach is used to run some code after each test. Running some cleanup code for instance.

Jasmine DOM Testing

If you want to write unit tests for code that does a lot of DOM interactions using jQuery, consider using jasmine-jquery. Jasmine-jQuery offers interacting with dummy HTML through HTML fixtures.