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IEEE 730 standard - Why was "non-functional" term deprecated when applied to requirements?

The terms “performance requirement” or “performance attribute” are preferred over “non functional requirement” according to the most recent update of The IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance ...
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Difference between Scalability Testing And Capacity Testing?

A web search of the terms resulted in, Scalability Testing, is the testing of a software application to measure its capability to scale up or scale out in terms of any of its non-functional ...
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Non-functional test, in which CI test step is it best to use?

The goal of testing is to prove that certain kinds of problems are absent from the product. But what if a test fails and uncovers that there is a problem? You want to know that as soon as possible, so ...
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When should QA start with non functional-testing?

What is shift Left in DevOps? In short, it is the idea of testing early in SDLC to prevent defects than just detecting defects. So, you test requirements, designs etc to ensure that there are no ...
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Is it a must to do all kinds of testing for a system?

If not how to decide what types should be done? Ask the stakeholders. If they don't know, then you'll have to go through it them in detail, talking about how the application will be used. Is it an ...
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Is it a must to do all kinds of testing for a system?

That depends on what level of what the quality degree you want to reach, what resources you have and what the initial conditions are. If you have the first draft version of the app then I does not ...
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Text content analytic test cases

I have no idea how many people here know anything about "CoreNLP". To me it seems you are on the right track: e.g. learning what it is. Go from there. You won't find copy/paste answers for your ...
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Difference between Scalability Testing And Capacity Testing?

The wikipedia definitions quoted by @TESTasy are a good start, but I'll sum them up a bit: Capacity Testing measures how many users the application can handle. It is a subset of scalability testing, ...
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QA/testing training and practice

I think you could follow all the answer you can see on your post. I will also recommend you that start by learning a programming language (which you feel more confortable) and then start using ...
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Why is separating functional and non-functional test important (or not)?

Let's consider the difference between the two: Functional Requirements (FRs) tend to be explicitly requested by the customer/end-user, and are usually expressed in terms of "it must do this"...
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Installation testing is part of functional or non-functional testing?

Functional testing deals with checking the functionality of a system or application works as expected. You give certain inputs and check whether you get the expected output. You will usually use some ...
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