I'm not so new to Jmeter.But my scenario doesn't loop if I set loopCount or set endless loop in ThreadGroup. It just does onetime loop and stop testing without any errors.

Usually I can make a scenario does loop. I attached below the bad jmx and good jmx as a zipfile on google drive.

There's defference in those two jmx. NotWorking one is for https-website,Working one is for http-website. But even I change the NotWorking one to http,it won't work. I can't tell what's wrong. Could you tell me what makes 'onetime-loop'?

Here is a zip of the scenario. Thanks,in advance.

I found it by myself. Still I'm not sure but there's difference in jmx. That's not controled by GUI setting(maybe). Specifically,LoopControlPanel's "LoopController.continue_forever" value is different,true or false.

What makes this difference???

  • I realize there're diferrences.Good one,I add ThreadGroup->LogicControler(LoopControler)->Element.Bad one,It' exported from BadBoy.After exporting,so there's Element already,I add ThreadGroup and LogicControler.I guess the process make difference in JMX. – D Iwa Jan 27 '15 at 13:41