Currently, I am using JSON Path Extractor as my POST PROCESSOR to parse parameters from response body. Suppose say I have to parse two parameters from response 'AuthenticationToken' as well as 'userId'.

Do I have to add two 'JSON Path extractor' or what? If this is the solution then how should I parse if there are many parameters?


Yes, you can do it in one JSON Path Extractor.

I don't have access to JMeter right now, but here's an example on the linked page in the "Selecting Multiple Values with One Expression" section.

Additional reference on building JSONPaths.

Hope that helps.


You may use Regular Expression Extractor.

For example you want to get the token from

 data="user" token="asd23453453sad"> 

A regular expression would be

  data="user" token="(.+?)"> 

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