I am able to record my test cases via Http(S) Test Script Recorder but when I run those test cases, they all are failing. Before started recording, I was getting 'No Internet' message on my browser. But once I clicked on "Start' to record and refreshed my site,It started recording. After I am done with recording, Site is again not accessible with the same message 'No Internet' and failing my run. How can I make my site available again? I am using chrome browser. Please help.

Thanks in advance!

  • sounds like you have a proxy running for your recorder that's not stopping when you stop recording. Might want to check your settings – Lyndon Vrooman Jan 22 '20 at 20:34
  • How many Threads are created and what is the ramp-up period? – Meet Jan 27 '20 at 12:18

JMeter's HTTP Test Script Recorder is basically a proxy server which intercepts the requests from the browser to the application under test and records them in form of HTTP Request samplers.

When you stop the HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder the proxy server gets stopped as well therefore the browser cannot access the Internet, you need to go into your browser proxy settings and configure it to not to use JMeter as the proxy

enter image description here

More information: How to set a proxy server in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Opera

You might also want to consider using JMeter Chrome Extension, in this case you won't have to worry about proxies and certificates.

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